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Information about the Vincent Ancestors from Sherborne and London
... Vincent Branch Reset tree position A Brief History of the Vincent Ancestors Please note: Much of this information has been obtained from parish records; however, some has been retrieved from records on FamilySearch.org and the Sherborne OPC website, which I have not personally verified.. ...
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2. John Vincent [Direct Ancestor]
Page dedicated to John Vincent a tailor from Sherborne
... John Vincent Baptised: 6 October 1802 Married: 15 September 1824 Buried: 20 February 1836 John Vincent is a direct ancestor- view family tree- view ancestor index John Vincent was baptised on 6 October 1802 in Sherborne, Dorset. He later moved to London, ...
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3. George Vincent [Direct Ancestor]
Page dedicated to George Vincent a blacksmith from Sherborne
... George Vincent Baptised: 20 February 1770 Married: 25 December 1791 Buried: 26 May 1822 George Vincent is a direct ancestor- view family tree- view ancestor index George Vincent was baptised on 20 February 1770 in Sherborne, Dorset. He married Sarah Higgins in Sherborne ...
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4. Vincent John Green - 1856 [Direct Ancestor]
Page dedicated to Vincent John Green who became a Royal Fusiler
... Vincent John Green- 1856 Born: 5 August 1856 Married: 2 July 1896 Died: 28 July 1902 Vincent John Green is a direct ancestor- view family tree- view ancestor index Vincent John Green was the eldest of 8, having five sisters and two brothers ...
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5. Vincent John Green - 1829 [Direct Ancestor]
Page dedicated to Vincent John Green a bookbinder born 1829
... Vincent John Green- 1829 Born: 11 July 1829 Married: 19 November 1855 Died: 5 November 1879 Vincent John Green is a direct ancestor- view family tree- view ancestor index Vincent John Green was born on 11 July 1829 in the district of Clerkenwell, ...
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Timeline including locations of Baptisms Births Marriages Deaths and Burials
... Yarcombe, Devon Evidence: IGI Mary Pool baptised Details: On 13 June 1697, Mary Pool was baptised Evidence: Loosemore Website Ann Vincent baptised Details: On 28 September 1834, Ann Vincent was baptised in the parish of St. George, Hanover Square, Middlesex Evidence ...
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Information about the Green Ancestors from Hartpury to London via Sherborne
... William and Charlotte returned to Sherborne. Charlotte died on 31 May 1839 in Cold Harbour, Sherborne. In 1841 William was residing at Vincent Court, Newlands, Sherborne. William died on 30 November 1854 in Newland, Sherborne. William Miles Green William Miles Green was born ...
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8. William Vincent Green [Relative]
Page dedicated to William Vincent Green who became Mayor of Ramsgate
... William Vincent Green Born: 30 July 1824 Married: Date Unknown Died: Date Unknown William Vincent Green is a relative- view family tree- view relative index William Vincent Green was born 30 July 1824 in Castleton, near Sherborne, Dorset. Before he was six ...
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9. William Miles Green [Direct Ancestor]
Page dedicated to William Miles Green a shoemaker from Sherborne
... in Dorset. It is believed that he grew up in the area since on 30 April 1820 he got married in Castleton to Hannah Vincent who was from Sherborne. Their eldest three children were born in Castleton and baptised at the Union Chapel in Sherborne. William worked as ...
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10. Vincent John Green [Photographs]
Vincent John Green
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