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Information about the Warren Ancestors from Culmstock, Devon
... born circa 1635. He and his wife Elizabeth had three children, who were all baptised in Culmstock, Devon. The eldest, Thomas, was baptised on 10 March 1662. Robert was buried on 9 September 1670. Thomas Warren Thomas Warren was baptised on 10 March ...
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22. Robert Jones - 1873 [Direct Ancestor]
Page dedicated to Robert Jones a plasterer from Pwllheli who later worked as a sumper in the Abercynon colliery
... when he got married he was living at Quay, Pwllheli and working as a plasterer. On 17 April 1897, Robert married Eliza Thomas, from Nevin, in the Register Office in Pwllheli. After their marriage, they lived at 1 Back Carnarvon Road, Pwllheli. ...
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23. William Miles Green [Direct Ancestor]
Page dedicated to William Miles Green a shoemaker from Sherborne
... further three children. In 1829 when Vincent John Green was baptised they were living in Long Lane, St Bartholemews; in 1832 when Thomas Vincent Green was baptised they were living in Poppins Court, Holborn; in 1833 when Sarah Vincent Green was baptised they were living in ...
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Information about the Jones Ancestors from Pwllheli
... 13 October 1896 Some additional information known about his Children is as follows: Richard was a fisherman and moved to Penrhydlinog after marrying Jane Thomas in 1876. They had three children before Richard died in 1881. Jane re-married and had a further four children. Jane married Robert ...
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GreenDavies.co.uk - The family history website dedicated to all my ancestors. Living in England and Wales.
... ) Loosemore (1630- 1788) Morgans (1814- 1908) Sanders (1797- 1881) Smith (1607- 1724) Thomas (1805- 1949) Thompson (1791- 1881) Vincent (1667- 1834) Walters (1754- 1839) Warren ( ...
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Information about the Green Ancestors from Hartpury to London via Sherborne
... of Ramsgate. His youngest son, Herbert Horace Green, served as mayor of Ramsgate in 1900 and 1901. It is believed that Thomas Vincent died as a young child In 1851 Sarah was working as a book-folder. No further information is known about Sarah. Alfred became ...
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Information about the Vincent Ancestors from Sherborne and London
... family in Long Street, Sherborne. Sarah Vincent moved to Marylebone in London and in 1851 was unmarried and working as a servant. Thomas Vincent became a shoeing smith; he lived with his wife Elizabeth and family in Newland, Sherborne. Hannah Vincent Hannah Vincent was baptised ...
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28. Ellen Hankey nee Forster [Direct Ancestor]
Page dedicated to Ellen Hankey nee Forster from Pickmere
... 1934 and was burried with John, and five of their children, on 24 July 1934. Parents Ellen Hankey nee Forster's parents were Thomas Forster and Anne Forster nee Sanders Children John Hankey and Ellen Forster had nine children: Name Date of Birth Ann Hankey c. 1865 ...
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29. Mary Hall nee Ellis [Direct Ancestor]
Page dedicated to Mary Hall formerly Mary Ellis who worked at Tabley House
... Alice and Ellen Merrick). The date of Mary's death is unknown but it was after the 1901 census. Parents Mary's parents were Thomas Ellis and Elizabeth Davison Children James Hall and Mary Ellis had five children: Name Date of Birth Elizabeth Hall March 1851 Ellen Hall 15 ...
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30. George Vincent [Direct Ancestor]
Page dedicated to George Vincent a blacksmith from Sherborne
... was baptised on 6 October 1902. On 26 May 1822 George was buried in the parish of Sherborne. Following his death his son Thomas Vincent continued the blacksmith, which later became Vincent Motors. In the 1970s Vincent Motors moved to Yeovil and the location of the blacksmiths ...
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