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Information about the Thomas Ancestors from Nefyn, Caernarfonshire
... Thomas Branch Reset tree position A Brief History of the Thomas Ancestors John Thomas John Thomas was born circa 1808. He was the son of Hugh Thomas, a labourer. On 6 November 1838, he married Mary Jones, the daughter of Robert Jones, a labourer ...
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Information about the Hankey Ancestors from Pickmere
... : Some of the early information about the Hankey Ancestors has been retrieved from records on FamilySearch.org, which I have not personally verified. Thomas Hankey The earliest known Hankey ancestor is Thomas Hankey. On 31 January 1803 he married Nancy Woodier in Great Budworth, Cheshire. They ...
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Information about the Hall Ancestors from Knutsford and Tabley
... James had various jobs in the house including gardening and usher. James died on 22 April 1906 at the Laundry, Tabley House. Thomas Hall Thomas Hall was born on 9 December 1857 in Tabley Superior. On 5 August 1880 he married Ellen Leicester, also from Tabley ...
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Information about the Ellis Ancestors from Ewloe, Flint
... the Ellis ancestors has been retrieved from records on FamilySearch.org, which I have not personally verified, therefore some assumptions have been made. Thomas Ellis The earliest known Ellis ancestor is Thomas Ellis and his wife Anne Jones. They had at least one child, also called Thomas ...
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Information about the Forster Ancestors from Plumley
... . They married in Great Budworth on 18 January 1814. John worked a labourer. They had 11 children. The third child, Thomas Forster, was born circa 1818 and the fifth child, Ellen Forster, was baptised on 9 May 1824 in Pickmere, Cheshire. ...
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Information about the Leicester Ancestors from Plumley
... Presbyterian Church. Charles was a Chair maker, specialising in making Macclesfield Ladder Back chairs. His three sons: William, Charles and Thomas all followed him into the chair making business. John Leicester was baptised on 31 May 1788. He married Ann and had three children ...
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Information about the Jones Ancestors from Morfa Nefyn
... Nefyn. Catherine Jones Catherine Jones was born on 17 October 1846 at Tai'r Bwlch, Porthdinllaen. On 5 November 1870 she married Robert Thomas from Nefyn, and on 26 August 1874, their eldest daughter, Elizabeth Thomas was born in Well Street, Nefyn. The family ...
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Information about the Sanders Ancestors from Marston and Pickmere
... there on 8 February 1881 aged 84. Ann Sanders Ann Sanders was baptised on 27 October 1822 in Davenham, Cheshire. She married Thomas Forster from Pickmere on 31 December 1846, in the Parish Church of Great Budworth. Thomas worked as a labourer and salt rock getter ...
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Information about the Warren Ancestors from Culmstock, Devon
... born circa 1635. He and his wife Elizabeth had three children, who were all baptised in Culmstock, Devon. The eldest, Thomas, was baptised on 10 March 1662. Robert was buried on 9 September 1670. Thomas Warren Thomas Warren was baptised on 10 March ...
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Information about the Jones Ancestors from Pwllheli
... 13 October 1896 Some additional information known about his Children is as follows: Richard was a fisherman and moved to Penrhydlinog after marrying Jane Thomas in 1876. They had three children before Richard died in 1881. Jane re-married and had a further four children. Jane married Robert ...
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